FMI motors are synchronous alternating-current frameless actuators featuring superior torque density. The brushless technology employed in the drives enables packing impressive power into a compact footprint while minimizing friction-induced power losses and ensuring noise- and spark-free operation. With low cogging torque, FMI-series products provide smooth rotation without jerkiness.

FMI engines are supplied as rotor and stator kits. They can be easily encapsulated into any housing you need and have versatile mounting configurations. It is a solution with direct drive with no end bells, or shaft, or bearing. Their integrating process is almost plug-and-run operation.

A consistent torque delivery in the available velocity span is maintained with the help of a know-how winding. Rare-earth magnets and the inrunner configuration contributes to better efficiency. Overheating is prevented by temperature-sensing built-in elements.


High torque density

Rotor’s rare-earth magnets generate magnetic fields that are twice stronger than ferrite ones. Even if rotation rates are slow, stable torque delivery is maintained by star winding.

Hollow-shaft design

FMI engines are easy to mount and assemble as they are supplied as rotor-and-stator kits without a shaft. Depending on application specifics, a variety of drive mechanism configurations are allowed.

Compact size and low weight

FMI motor has a small size, but it boasts a high power-to-weight ratio. You can easily fit direct-drive motors into tight spaces and they require no additional accessories or fitting for transmitting the moving force to driven machines.

Brushless commutation

Greater controllability of motor and higher torque-to-weight ratio are achieved with the minimization of power losses. Failure and maintenance rates are decreased as there are fewer wearable components.

AC synchronous operation

The principle of work is associated with slight noise, insignificant disturbance of electromagnets and smooth rotation at low cogging.

Integrated thermal sensor

FMI kits’ stator coils comprise elements with temperature sensors. Demagnetization is prevented by these devices ensuring engine cutoff at overheating.

Robotics Solutions


FMI motors provide remarkable power efficiency and high torque, put into a small body, which is easy to build into robot’s joints. The engines are made of few wearable components that derive in decreased costs and maintenance scope. Drives are designed mostly as stator and rotor kits and they support multiple mounting options to enable versatile robotic configurations.

Industrial equipment

Because of direct coupling of our frameless motor to a power train, the need to include parts, such as linkages and bearing is eliminated. And this means faster setting times and responses and fewer sources of mechanical breakage.

Diverse to conventional framed frives, frameless motion solution is designed as rotor and stator kits, that gives more freedom to engineering. Low inertia of the rotor translates into high rates of acceleration. Smooth operations are enabled by low cogging. The engines can be utilized in different industrial machinery types - material handling, packaging lines, and other machine tools.

Commercial applications

A number of benefits that optimize costs are provided by frameless motors in commercial applications. The engines guarantee consistent performance over its working lifespan, long service life, and minimum trouble with servicing and maintenance. The money on energy costs will be saved by enhanced power consumption. Moreover, there will be no noise distraction as the drives operate quietly. Cash dispensing machines, equipment for floor care, air handling systems - these are just a few examples of commercial applications.


There are stringent norms in medical applications and cornerstone requirement is reliability, at times crucial for patient’s survival. Our frameless motors consist of a minimal set of components, allowing the provision of unfailing performance over an extensive lifespan. Its construction ensures smooth motion with insignificant noise levels and vibration. Our motors are perfect for portable equipment, due to their compact footprint and efficient utilization of the power. Here are some examples of medical equipment with frameless drives: infusion pumps, surgical tools, ventilation systems, and automated laboratory testing systems.


Our frameless motors have low cogging torque and low torque ripple, resulting in speed disturbance minimization. And because of that the engines are a good choice for scanning or printing equipment where velocity ripple is unwelcome. Engines are small in size, enabled to be fitted into constricted spaces and used for various mounting configurations.


Frameless motors offer such advantages as high torque and remarkable power efficiency packed into a small body that is easy to built into robot joints. The engines comprise few wearable components, which results in decreased maintenance scope and costs. Designed mostly as composite rotor and stator kits, the drives support a variety of mounting options to allow versatile robotic configurations.

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