High-class cost-efficient manipulators PULSE are intended for all sizes manufacturing enterprises, innovators and makes, research institutions.


Arm-manipulators Pulse are intended to automate industrial and commercial workflows as well as education and research projects. These products are suitable for any applications that demand consistent performance and super precise positioning. The most efficient are in repetitive tasks that have minimum variations in parameters of process, for example, machine tending, pick-and-place, gluing, etc.

Because of robots’ six degrees of freedom and modular design, a robot imitates the human upper limb. It means that PULSE robots’ available degree of freedom can cope with 95% of all production tasks. The arm-manipulator consists of linking elements from aluminium and self-designed servo motors built-in into joints. It can be integrated with different end effectors, according to intended uses - welding equipment, video cameras, grippers, laser tools, etc.

Because of embedded servo drives joints are precisely angular displaced within the span from -360 to +360 degrees and the work tool is positioned with an accuracy of thousandth-degree .

PULSE robotic arm allowed to operate in direct contact with humans as it is safe and requires no costly protective caging. Trajectories are teached by hand guiding and this makes setup, adjustment and configuring the robotic hand easy and quick , even for users with no engineering or coding background. INDUSTRIALAX implements an Application Programming Interface (Java, Python) for advanced control.


Сompact Size

Robotic arm allows a variety of integration options - on the wall or on the ceiling, or over a table, or as a mobile installation part. With sleek design and only 120mm footprint, arms fit easily into tight spaces.

API control

There are two available API implementations - in Java and Python. Advanced user can create more complex algorithms for control with the help of an Application Programming Interface.

High precision of moves

Embedded into the arm in-house designed servo motors allows super accurate movements with +/-0.01 mm repeatability. Joined with large ranging from 750 mm to 900 mm and 6 degrees of freedom, that enables precise and easy positioning for most delicate operations.

Universal Tooling Flange

PULSE arm can be integrated with welding torches, grippers, lasers, etc. that have a world most popular standart - ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6.

Safe operation

Machines are designed by INDUSTRIALAX to work together with humans in a collaborative manner. They require no additional costly safety measures or caging.

Live tech support

The support services for all clients’ individual needs will be delivered at each stage - from purchasement to integration and operation.

Robotics Solutions

Pick and Place

It is a tiresome and dull job for humans to pick an object from one place and relocate it to another multiple times, but a perfect case for the use of collaborative robots. Machines handle these tasks with ease, demonstrating consistent output and unfailing accuracy.

PULSE robotic arm works 24/7 with no mistakes or breaks, resolving quality issues and increasing throughput at your workshop. Due to its compact design, you can easily integrate the arm with minimum changes to your production line.

Machine tending

You can optimize your work cycles by additing collaborative robots for machine tending - reducing downtime of the operator and the equipment while boosting productivity. While human workers manage other important jobs, cobots can service machines, resulting in considerable benefits for the economy.

Anyone with basic computer skills can easily reprogram this robotic arm to do something different within 30 minutes, thanks to the hand-guiding feature and intuitive interface. Due to simple mounting interfaces and light weight of PULSE robotic arm, it is easy to move it around your premises.

Injection molding

Alike in machine tending applications, robotic arm in injection molding process aids in loading and unloading jobs. Moreover, robots can be involved in secondary operations as well, such as trimming, maximizing output and increasing the process's overall efficiency.

Our arm can be a reliable partner for operators of molding machines, taking risks and drudgery out of their jobs. Cobots have versatile and portable options and can be adapted to a wide range of tasks and environments without expensive modifications. In a matter of hours you can reconfigure and relocate PULSE arm for the different operation.

Lab testing

Tests will be more objective with our collaborative robot. Its key benefits in quality control are remarkable motion accuracy and high repeatability. When the robot is programmed it will reproduce the same trajectory without moving an inch.

Robotic arm offers both advanced API functionality for coders and simple interface for non-programmers. So it is just up to you to decide what your robot can and can’t do. Even if you need to test harmful substances, be sure you are safe behind the robot's back.


Welding jobs always demand a super attentive and careful approach, since mistakes cost money and worker’s lives are in danger. PULSE arm is way more resistant to the repetitive stress, allowing to minimize rejects, faults and risks.

Whether ultrasound, arc, spot, etc - cobot can be easily equipped and taught to do any welds, enabling the operator to do less dangerous part of deploying or supervising it.PULSE robotic arms are flexible with high repeatability that guarantee improved quality, minimum downtime and decreased expenses.


To produce output with high quality in gluing operations, it is very important to apply the same glue quantity and force in a consistent manner. To address this challenge robotic arms are better equipped than humans. With high repeatability and precision rates, robotic arms utilizes consumables efficiently, resulting in better workmanship and less expenses.

There are specific smells and dangerous vapors in gluing jobs, that are not only uncomfortable, but also unhealthy for humans. Our robust arms don't care about harmful or odors substances, they are ready for working toward your benefits.

Quality control

In cases where product’s reliability and quality are crucial, huge losses can be caused by human error. It is more about business reputation than about money and it is more difficult to recover. To save your company trouble an elegant solution is to replace people with cobots in key inspection processes.

PULSE robotic arms are always on guard for quality and never distracted. With minimum effort and costs our cobots can be adapted to your existing testing process, thanks to easy-to-use control software. No special staff required for tending the device, just your regular operator or inspector.

Polishing & deburring

A demanding task is polishing or deburring since human workers need to apply large and consistent amounts of manual forse for long periods of time. The key to this process is consistency, as it provides adequate finishing quality, but it is not a strength area for a human.

Due to repetitive strain these operations entail high risk of injury. Not only a problem of extra ergonomic stress will be eliminated by robots, but they enable them to achieve desired force with pinpoint accuracy and reproducibility. Our robotic arm has force sensing features and it can improve throughput of finishing tasks and substantially quality.

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