All-in-one robotic joint RDrive servo combines in a single housing the following elements: a controller, an encoder, an AC brushless motor and a harmonic gear. The RDrive is a DC servomotor that has a brushless AC core because the controller incorporated into the robotic actuator.

Servo motor’s service life is 35,000 hours. You will receive help at any time from our online support team. We will also provide all technical documents and detailed video instruction. Servomotor’s lead-time 2-8 weeks on average. For local support there is an available network of international distributors and dealers.


High-precision control

Two absolute magnetic encoders of 19-bit are integrated into RDrive servos, allowing 0.01 degree angular accuracy, even in heavy-duty applications.

Compact size

Our servo motors take less space, allowing more space for different fancy high-tech add-ons in machines. RDrive can be easily fit into any constructed environments, thanks to its 53 to 115mm diameter.

Integrated controller

A top engine performance is delivered through very dynamic response to control commands from temperature sensors and encoders.

API control

To implement motion control you can utilize the technology stack of your choice - Python or C. Easy operation and setup of RDrive motors are insured by API functions, allowing motion to your exact needs.

High torque

The speed is reduced and the torque is increased by 100 times (gear ratio 1:100) with the help of integrated strain-wave gearhead. Because of its backlash that equals zero, the gear adds power to engines without any negative effect on performance or efficiency.

Hollow-shaft design

The integration of motors is seamless and it doesn’t impact your machine overall dimensions. The hole at the servo centre can be used for passing through utilities or structural elements - pneumatic or hydraulic hosing, cabling, air supply tubes, etc.

Robotics Solutions


Boasting precise capability of positioning and compactness, servo actuators can be employed in multiple tasks in robotics. The engines operate work tools, move robot joints, or rotate self-propelling mechanisms’ wheels. motor type products vary from small hobby models to giant industrial robots.

RDrive motors are easy and quick to embed into robots’ bodies. Using nano or micro modifications, the robotic hand is created with the dexterity of human limb movements. Flexible and varied configurations of robot are enabled through multiple servos that can be connected to the same power chain.


Due to servos cope’s great controllability, they cope perfectly with steering unmanned aerial vehicles, like drones. The design of those devices is a multi-propeller system, where every propeller requires a drive and all the drives should be working in sync.

Servo motors with their high torque output can provide driving power which is required and more. Their small dimensions enable the smooth integration into various sizes of drones. Highly responsive control and motion feedback availability allow accurate navigation.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation

In industrial applications, servo motors can be used in various machinery: trimming, wood and metal cutting, packaging and filling, as well as textile handling and CNC machines. Servomechanism provides valuable benefits such as simultaneous control over work axes and easy integration, including into systems of enterprise management.

Abnormal moves will be detected by servo motors feedback, same with ensuring strict compliance with command input. Trim, cut, turn and other processes can be performed with uniformity and consistency. Our servo motors are associated with remarkable accuracy and reduced costs for maintenance due to mechanics elimination, such as pulleys, backshafts, etc.

Antenna positioning

In these applications, servo motor communicates with a specialized software, which calculates panel’s coordinates for soaking up sunlight or for antenna to receive signal. While processing the feedback from the drives, this software commands servos to move.

Servos can provide ultra-accurate angular displacement for following the sun or signal if required. The position will be retained as long as necessary due to high holding torque and closed-loop governance.

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