Professional Robots partnered with Rozum Robotics to provide full service in robotics collaboration to our customers. We help with consulting, choosing, installing, and servicing industrial collaborative professional robot arms. Professional robots with 4-axis articulated arm can perform a host of tasks like pick-and-place, soldering, screwing, gluing, painting, etc. You can choose between pick-and-place robots; machine tending robots; painting robots; injection molding robots; lab testing robots; welding robots; gluing robots; quality control robots; polishing and deburring robots;
Our professional robots are manufactured in the center of Eastern Europe by Rozum Robotics. PULSE by Rozum Robotics is a series of high-class cost-efficient manipulators intended for manufacturing enterprises of all sizes, makers and innovators, research institutions.
PULSE robotic arms are safe, require no costly protective caging. Our professional robots can work in direct contact with a human. Teaching trajectories by hand guiding makes setup, configuring, and adjusting the robots quick and easy, even for a user with no coding or engineering background.


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