How can you make your party, product launch, educational training, or business conference outstanding and memorable? Technology has the perfect answer- robots. It might sound like something from science fiction, but now it is a possible and affordable option to hire a robot for bringing your event to the next level.

Hiring a robot is a surprisingly versatile option for entertainment with a variety of programmable purposes and custom-built features. From photo-happy roaming robots, to hybrid humanoids, to LED superbots with lasers, cannons, and smoke, there are robots to suit any occasion. Your audience will never fail to be amused by our metal friends.

In corporate events, introducing a service robot can have a lasting impact. If you want to come up as a technologically-advanced company when you’re building your clients’ reputation, the best way will be to have a service robot moving around your sales presentation or business conference. 

For private celebrations (wedding receptions or special birthdays) having service robots will be an amazing surprise for guests.

Types of Events for hiring a robot:

  • Events where you want to impress your audience with the latest advanced technology
  • Futuristic theme events
  • Large exhibitions and trade shows where your business needs to attract a crowd to your stand
  • Career fairs to highlight engineering, robotics, and other tech-related courses
  • Private events to get this wow-effect
  • A company’s event with an invisible product (5G internet)

What robots can actually do?

Nowadays robots are brilliantly designed, very advanced, and  incredibly versatile for a multitude of occasions. 

If you are thinking of robot hire for an exhibition, it will surely attract people to your stand, be able to collect feedback about your service or product as well as capture useful data. A robot can even chat with visitors, sing & dance, give away information about your product, and send electronic brochures via email. A service robot can show off a new device, put together a prototype or cook food at your trade show stall.

In conferences robots can take part in a Q&A session, introduce key guests or even be the keynote speaker. Formal speakers no longer need to worry about getting the attention form the audience. A service robot can help them to deliver multimedia material and support a lively Q&A session.

There are different robot options that can make your event original and memorable: robot bartender, dancing robots for parties, DJ robot, photographer robot, party robot and others. A robot bartender takesorders, mixes cocktails and serves them up. DJ robot uses advanced AI programming to make sure that music at your event is relevant and delivered with huge panache. A photography robot can move around your venue, communicate with guests and capture clear, good quality photos. They can beprinted straight away, or emailed to a guest. This robot can also be a great choice for getting images for social media. Hiring a robot for your event is the best way to attract the kind of publicity and marketing value that you couldn’t imagine. As well as it will leave your visitors talking about you for weeks after your event.

robot DJ

Benefits of  robots for hire.

This colourful autonomous service technology offers a wide range of incredible benefits. In a nutshell, robot hire can make high profile initiatives or the daily routines of your organisation smoother and more impressive.

Robots are an affordable way to make an event utterly unforgettable. You are able to free up your staff for more personal engagement. This automated technology can carry out basic functions and tasks, but with flawless and seamless efficiency. AI programming makes it extremely easy 

Robot hire also frees your staff up to do more personal engagement. Your automated technology will carry out basic tasks and functions in a fun way, but with seamless and flawless efficiency. Its AI programming and advanced capabilities make it extremely easy to hire a robot even if you are not technology-minded.


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