Nowadays an increasing number of businesses are choosing automation to boost productivity and streamline processes. And the key aspect is the usage of collaborative robots, often working alongside human workers in the factories. However, a lot of manufacturers might be reluctant to invest in automation, particularly following the COVID-19 economical difficulties. If you are looking for an affordable automation solution, we are happy to present our cost structures with leasing options.

Cobots (collaborative robots) are easy to use and set up, offering a quick solution. Your company will be able to respond rapidly to any economical changes in the market as cobots increase speed, quality and flexibility of your production. Pandemic has brought new developments such as tighter safety regulations and social distancing that businesses need to adhere to. Our robots can help you to overcome these challenges while improving efficiency and security in the long term. 

In addition, cobots are very versatile: they can work on different tasks and be moved from one place to another. Cobots provide great flexibility. They can handle a great variety of tasks such as pick-and-place, gluing, welding, injection molding, lab testing, quality control, machine tending and polishing & deburring. 

Robots leasing and rental simplify the delivery of robotic services and execution of commercially viable tasks that can be done by cobots. However, buying a cobot is only relevant if the end user will be able to provide necessary service and maintenance. Robots leasing enables your company to hire a cobot with marginal initial capital investment. We also provide 24/7 technical support, programing, implementation of new softwares and robot maintenance. 


The use of robot rental and leasing programs reduces tax burden and optimizes your revenue flow. Sometimes a robot's intended use is considerably shorter than its operational resource, in that case, a permanent ownership will be economically unviable. So renting a cobot can reduce operational costs by eliminating the need to recruit and maintain an actual workforce.

Automation can be costly. But the price of not investing in technology can be devastating! That’s why we encourage you to explore our robot renting and leasing options.

Here are some financial advantages of robot rent:

  • No big cash outlay: With robot leasing you are paying a certain amount of money every month, which is a lot lower, than purchasing a robot. With robot leasing, businesses retain capital, minimize the initial investment and preserve their credit lines.
  • Instant Upgrade: Taking the advantage of robot leasing or rent options, you will remain competitive in spite of any pressures of the economy. Automation will give you the production power to stay competitive. We give you the opportunity to upgrade your workflow and immediately benefit from simple and efficient use of the robotic equipment.
  • Low rates: We offer highly competitive rates on new and used equipment.
  • Stay tech agile: New technology helps your company win now, but it can easily become outdated. With robot leasing you are provided with high class tech support, that helps you upgrade your robot at any time to stay current.
  • Flexible end-of-contract options: at the end of the agreement, you can lease new equipment, continue financing, or return the robots.

Contact us to find out more about our rental and leasing programs. And we will find the solution that will perfectly suit all your needs.


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